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Frequently asked questions:

How does a Twitter chat work?

A Twitter chat is a pre-organised live event on Twitter. Participation is open to everyone and contributions to the discussion can be made via tweets that include a pre-determined hashtag. Twitter chats are moderated and focused around a general topic with a guest. The use of a specific hashtag allows the Twitter chat to be viewed as a single conversation.

Tip: You can use TweetChat.com or create a column in TweetDeck (monitoring #SocialROI) to follow and contribute to the #SocialROI chat.

House Rules during the Twitter chat:

  • Say hi, introduce yourself to the group
  • Start answers with A1, A2, A3...
  • End tweets with the hashtag #SocialROI
  • Engage and enjoy!

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Previous Guests

Karen Freberg

Karen Freberg | @kfreberg

University of Louisville
Date & Time: Tuesday, 9th April 2019, 5.00pm EST

Tina Powell

Tina Powell | @tinacpowell

C-Suite Social Media
Date & Time: Tuesday, 2nd April 2019, 5.00pm EST

Nicole Osborne

Nicole Osborne | @Lollipop_Social

Founder at Lollipop Social
Date & Time: Tuesday, 26th March 2019, 5.00pm EST

Dede Watson

Dede Watson | @dede_watson

Owner at Turn It Social
Date & Time: Tuesday, 19th March 2019, 5.00pm EST

Demian Ross

Demian Ross | @demianross

Video & Content Creator
Date & Time: Tuesday, 12th March 2019, 5.00pm EST

Debra Eckerling

Debra Eckerling | @WriteOnOnline

The D*E*B Method
Date & Time: Tuesday, 5th March 2019, 5.00pm EST

Larry Kim

Larry Kim | @larrykim

CEO of Mobile Monkey
Date & Time: Tuesday, 26th February 2019, 5.00pm EST

Christine Gritmon

Christine Gritmon | @cgritmon

Social Media Strategist
Date & Time: Tuesday, 19th February 2019, 5.00pm EST

Chaim Shapiro

Chaim Shapiro | @ChaimShapiro

LinkedIn Consultant
Date & Time: Tuesday, 12th February 2019, 5.00pm EST

Jennifer Quinn

Jennifer Quinn | @JennyQ

Livestream Expert
Date & Time: Tuesday, 5th February 2019, 5.00pm EST

Warwick Brown

Warwick Brown | @warwickabrown

Founder of Account Manager Tips
Date & Time: Tuesday, 29th January 2019, 5.00pm EST

Julia Jornsay-Silverberg

Julia Jornsay-Silverberg | @jbethjs

Social Media Director
Date & Time: Tuesday, 22nd January 2019, 5.00pm EST

Amanda Bond

Amanda Bond | @theadstrategist

Owner of The Ad Strategist
Date & Time: Tuesday, 15th January 2019, 5.00pm EST

Andy Crestodina

Andy Crestodina | @crestodina

CMO at Orbit Media
Date & Time: Tuesday, 18th December 2018, 5.00pm EST

Amy Woods

Amy Woods | @content10x

Founder of Content 10x
Date & Time: Tuesday, 12th December 2018, 5.00pm EST

Teresa Heath-Wareing

Teresa Heath-Wareing | @theathwareing

Founder of THW Marketing & Social Media
Date & Time: Tuesday, 4th December 2018, 5.00pm EST

Paul Ince

Paul Ince | @BizPaul

Founder, MarketEd.Live
CEO, LikeMind Media (www.likemind.media)

Date & Time: Tuesday, 27th November 2018, 5.00pm EST

Ben Roberts

Ben Roberts | @roberts_ben_m

Head of Marketing at Talkative & Host of the Marketing Buzzword Podcast
Date & Time: Tuesday, 20th November 2018, 5.00pm EST

Amanda Robinson

Amanda Robinson | @thedigitalgal

Social Media Marketer
Date & Time: Tuesday, 13th November 2018, 5.00pm EST

Bella Vasta

Bella Vasta | @bellas_pets

Instagram Marketing Strategist
Date & Time: Tuesday, 6th November 2018, 5.00pm EST

Tyler McCall

Tyler McCall | @tylerjmccall

Instagram Marketing Strategist
Date & Time: Tuesday, 30th October 2018, 5.00pm EST

Stephanie Liu

Stephanie Liu | @heystephanie

Facebook Live Strategist & Speaker
Date & Time: Tuesday, 23rd October 2018, 5.00pm EST

Justin Brown

Justin Brown | @justinbrownpv

Video Marketing Strategist and Co-Founder of Primal Video
Date & Time: Tuesday, 16th October 2018, 5.00pm EST

Heidi Cohen

Heidi Cohen | @HeidiCohen

Chief Content Officer at Actionable Marketing Guide
Date & Time: Tuesday, 9th October 2018, 5.00pm EST

Zach Spuckler

Zach Spuckler | @heartsoulhustle

Online Business Strategist and Founder of Heart, Soul & Hustle™
Date & Time: Tuesday, 2nd October 2018, 5.00pm EST

Jeffrey “JMatt” Matthias

Jeffrey “JMatt” Matthias | @JMattMke

Digital Media Specialist
Date & Time: Tuesday, 25th September 2018, 5.00pm EST

Mikael Yan

Mikael Yan | @manychathq

CEO & Co-founder of ManyChat
Date & Time: Tuesday, 18th September 2018, 5.00pm EST

Samantha Kelly

Samantha Kelly | @tweetinggoddess

Founder and CEO of Women's Inspire Network
Date & Time: Tuesday, 11th September 2018, 5.00pm EST

Nicky Pasquier

Nicky Pasquier | @VirtuosoAssist

Founder of Virtuoso Assistant
Date & Time: Tuesday, 4th September 2018, 5.00pm EST

Patty Farmer

Patty Farmer | @PattyFarmer

Marketing & Media Strategist
Date & Time: Tuesday, 28th August 2018, 5.00pm EST

Miri Rodriguez

Miri Rodriguez | @mirirod

Storyteller at Microsoft
Date & Time: Tuesday, 21st August 2018, 5.00pm EST

Andrew Pickering and Peter Gartland

Andrew Pickering and Peter Gartland | @andrewandpete

Content Marketers at Andrew and Pete
Date & Time: Tuesday, 14th August 2018, 5.00pm EST

Nicky Kriel

Nicky Kriel | @NickyKriel

Social Media Strategist and International Speaker
Date & Time: Tuesday, 7th August 2018, 5.00pm EST

Janet Murray

Janet Murray | @jan_murray

Marketing & PR Expert
Date & Time: Tuesday, 31st July 2018, 5.00pm EST

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