Program Terms Text

Program Terms Text

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This payout occurs once only per unique account referred at the initial conversion value. Our affiliate system uses cookies to record conversions. Conversions can occur up to 365 days after initial referral and they will still be credited against your account if the referral cookie is present. If an account was created with your cookie, but the cookie is not present at the time of conversion you will still be credited with the conversion. You will not receive commission for referring your own accounts. The first referrer for an account will receive the commission for that account.

When creating social media accounts & websites, particularly if you use the ManageFlitter logo, please include text making it clear that you're not the official ManageFlitter account or website. Words like "affiliate site" or "fan account" are recommended.

Payout occurs monthly once your account balance reaches $50 USD. Payout is via PayPal only.

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