How can Twitter help your business?

Twitter for businesses is a commodity that is growing in importance, to the point that it is as relevant in an office as having a phone for communication. The reason for this is simple, in the age of Web 2.0, everybody is using social media to collaborate and communicate, meaning Twitter allows you to take advantage of this and do more than just feed your customers information via Advertising, but too also communicate with them. This would allow you to get customer feedback, gauge reactions on announcements and also become an invaluable public relations tool to assess and manage Company/Brand reputation, as well as a means of customer service. Twitter is not limited to Business to Customer relations either, It is an excellent medium to use to expand your Business Relations, allowing you to keep up to date with your competitors activity or alternatively meet new business contacts.

What is ManageFlitter?

ManageFlitter is a critically acclaimed tool that helps businesses to monitor and maintain their Twitter accounts. ManageFlitter's features include showing; professionally building your followers, optimising when you tweet, engaging with your audience as well as providing numerous statistics on these features. Full details on the features ManageFlitter offers can be found on our Features Page. It is a convenient and efficient tool to allow users to complete mundane tasks with ease. ManageFlitter allows users to maintain and view everything they need from their Twitter stream in one application.

How does ManageFlitter help your business?

ManageFlitter makes using Twitter as a business a simple and very manageable task. With the features offered it is possible to optimise your Twitter use to make sure that you get the best possible results from your Twitter usage.

Making use of the Power Post feature for example to schedule when you Tweet. With this tool, you can see when your Twitter stream is most viewed, and using this information schedule your tweets to go out at peak times to maximise the exposure to your followers.

You can also use Find Fake, Inactive and Search features to review and manage your followers / who you are following, this can be anything from identifying fake accounts or to removing followers who are inactive on Twitter and hence distort the accuracy of the number of followers you have (and consequently the exposure your tweets are getting).

These are some of the key features however there is an abundance of features that can be used and to complement these as well as in-depth Analytics to give you a better insight into factors including how many people are unfollowing / following you, which again will be key to analysing how effectively your Twitter is working. ManageFlitter makes the most of your Twitter account and will change your Twitter productivity and effectivity.

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