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Why Is My Account Marked As Fake on ManageFlitter?

Why Is My Account Marked As Fake on ManageFlitter? featured image

ManageFlitter’s unfollow tool identifys spam or fake accounts you follow on Twitter and enables you to unfollow them.

There are a number of signals which indicate fake accounts on the ManageFlitter system. These signals combine together to give a final score out of 100. If the score is over 50%, they are considered a fake or spam account.

Signals can be classified as;

– Ratio of followers to following
– How frequently they post
– The type of username the account holds
– How complete their profile is
– The type of followers they are connected to

Each signal has a negative or positive weight which contributes to increasing or decreasing their spam score. Once this ‘score’ is over 50/100, they are recognised as a spam account on ManageFlitter.

There are cases where accounts can be incorrectly named as spam on ManageFlitter, however you have the ability to review your spam list before removing the accounts you want to block.

To learn how to target and remove fake accounts, please read the following article “Identifying and Removing Fake Twitter Accounts Using ManageFlitter“.

If you have any more specific questions please email us at and we will happily assist you.

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