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How Do I know Who Unfollowed Me on Twitter?

Who unfollowed me, when, and how do I unfollow them back?

Who's not following me back on Twitter? Have you asked yourself this? Well you're in luck - ManageFlitter has the answer!

When you upgrade to a ManageFlitter Pro plan, we'll start tracking who's unfollowed you. If you feel like it, you can then unfollow them quickly. ManageFlitter essentially provides a "who unfollowed me" app integrated within the Pro platform. It also makes it simple and straightforward to mass unfollow all those pesky users who aren't following you back.


What else does ManageFlitter do?

Apart from being the perfect answer to "who unfollowed me", ManageFlitter is a world class Twitter management tool. ManageFlitter's feature focus on 5 key areas of Twitter; Unfollowing, Following, Searching, Twitter Analytics and Posting.

More detail about each of these can be found on the ManageFlitter Features page.

How much does it cost?

It costs $12 per month to start tracking who has unfollowed you. That's only $2.80 per week! ManageFlitter also contains many more powerful features. While ManageFlitter is very usable in the free version, many agencies & individuals sign up to the Pro service for much faster growth of their Twitter account.

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