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Who helped Dain?!

Firstly a BIG thank you to everyone who entered the “Help Dain” competition we ran recently.

We had hundreds of entries and Dain actually shed a tear from the response – believing that you all cared about him (we didn’t shatter his bubble by telling him that you were all entering just for the Pro+ accounts).

After sitting down and letting our pet intern… I mean, valued employee… sort through the ideas – we have come up with the five winners we promised.

They are, in no particular order:






You have all just garnered FREE LIFETIME PRO+ ACCOUNTS!

A special mention goes out to @mcappetta for his idea: “Purchase Madison Square Garden, and change name to ManageFlitter Garden” – we can’t actually ever use that idea due to budgetary constraints (unless you want to loan us the $$$) but we liked it enough to give you access to the Pro+ account for 1 month.

So thank you all again for entering and keep an eye on our Twitter and blog – we’ll be running another competition soon!

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