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Welcome to the new way to manage Twitter with, er, ManageFlitter!

Well, our last blog post caused a bit of a stir. Thank you to the nearly 2000 people who tweeted and commented about it! Even TechCrunch offered their support.

After chatting with Twitter, it became clear that their main problem with our existing service was that users were not being individually selected to be unfollowing. We’ve removed the “Select All” button and the default selection on accounts when a page is loaded. Instead we’ve come up with a bit of an interface compromise which Twitter has tentatively approved. Each page now has an expandable overview where you can now drag your mouse across the avatars of accounts to select them for unfollowing. We’ve included a screenshot below.

In addition to this interface change, we have also changed the name of our application to ManageFlitter to avoid using Twitter’s trademark in our name. Why Flitter? Well flitter means “to flutter” which birds do, particularly when you get a lot of them! Also it’s, uh, only two letters from “Twitter” 🙂

We hope these changes will allow us to continue opperating within Twitter’s guidelines indefinitely.

Happy unfollowing!

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