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Tweet on your behalf clarification

Hi everyone!

A couple of days ago, Twitter changed the look of the page that appears when you allow an app to connect to your Twitter account – the authentication page.

This has raised a few questions for people as it now explicitly states:


Now obviously we don’t update your profile. Ever. And we would let you know if we were going to do that.

The “Post tweets on your behalf” text refers to the various sections within the system that allow you to tweet information.

You may have noticed that after initially connecting, there is a box at the top which says “X number of people I follow are not following me back”, or, “X people have unfollowed me in the past 24 hours”, with a “Tweet This” link next to it.

By clicking the “Tweet this” link, you are allowing ManageFlitter to tweet on your behalf (using the Twitter API).

• ManageFlitter’s Promise • No surprise tweets. While using ManageFlitter we will not post tweets nor perform updates you did not explicitly request.

We do not tweet anything without your knowledge or express consent.

I hope this clarifies the text – and if you have any questions at all about ManageFlitter please don’t hesitate to contact us:

Thank you for using ManageFlitter!


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