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Tracking Accounts Who Unfollow You On Twitter

Find out which Twitter accounts unfollowed you and when– and unfollow them back if you like.

Sometimes it is useful and interesting to see which of your previous Twitter followers have unfollowed you and when they did so.

We have always had an “Account History” tracking function that provided this information.  Unfortunately it has not always been as accurate as we would have liked.

We have re-released the “Account History” tracking function.  It is now more accurate.  This is now live in all accounts.

To access this feature select “Analytics” ->“Account History”.

Account History

Please note:- Account History will only display accounts that have unfollowed you since 25 September 2013.  Moving forward Account History will keep track of all accounts that unfollow you and what day they unfollow you.  Unfortunately we do not have unfollow data on any accounts previous to this date.

This feature is available for Pro and Business users only.

We hope you find this feature useful and please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section.

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