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Status Update: Unfollows not being processed

There appears to be a problem with some of the unfollows through the ManageFlitter unfollow tool system not being processes.

These unfollows are being sent to Twitter through the API, but the changes to not appear on people’s accounts.

We are currently investigating this problem and will post another update here once it is resolved.

Update: There appears to be a bug in Twitter’s API. We are waiting on Twitter to respond to our support request.

Update 2: We’re still waiting on information from Twitter, but the system seems to have stabilised. We’re bringing it back up and have improved our error logging so that we can detect faster when there are problems like this in the future. We will monitor the situation and let you know more about the cause once we do.
Update 3: Sorry, Twitter has started throwing errors again. Taking the system back down. Still waiting on Twitter for more information.

Update 4: We have received information from Twitter about what changes have occured and are making modifications to ManageFlitter to bring the system back up within the next few hours.
Update 5: We have brought the system back up at a reduced capacity. You can only currently unfollow 200 people every 24 hours. Once we stabilize the job queue and confirm everything is working we will increase this number.

Update 6: The system should now be completely restored. We will continue to monitor the situation and post another blog post with more information about the incident tomorrow.

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