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Removing Non-English Twitter Accounts From Your Twitter Stream

If you have a medium to large Twitter account and follow upwards of 1000 people you no doubt have a Twitter feed that can get busy.

One way to turn down the noise in a busy Twitter feed is to unfollow people who are tweeting in languages other than English.  (Ofcourse we are assuming that English is your native language)

With the Pro Version of ManageFlitter you can easily identify all of the people in your account who’s default language of their Twitter account is not English. 

Please note: with the free version of ManageFlitter you can ONLY see people that dont follow you back who are non-English speaking. To start a Pro account, click here.

The four easy steps outlined below explain how to find and remove non-English Twitter accounts you follow who don’t follow you back. You are also able to identify your non English Twitter accounts that you are connected to with both the free and Pro version.

Step One – Log onto your Pro ManageFlitter account. 


Step Two – Select the Ninja Mode option, along with ‘You Are Following’ option and ‘Following You’ option.


Step Three – Highlight and select non-English followers.


Step Four – Select ‘Unfollow’ Option


Once you have completed the steps outlined above, all the non English speaking accounts that you have removed will no longer be active on your Twitter stream.

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