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#obamacare & Twitter

A few days ago the United States Supreme Court upheld a US law requiring all Americans to obtain health insurance or face a penalty. This law is United State’s President Barrack Obama signature healthcare reform and is popularly known as Obamacare.

Soon we will be launching our Analytics module within ManageFlitter.  See video walkthrough of the Analytics module at the end of this article below.

We thought it would be interesting to run the #obamacare hash tag through the analytics module and see how this hashtag is travelling through the Twittersphere.

Below are some of the results over the last few days of tracking the #obamacare hash tag.

  1. Overview

#obamacare Twitter Overview

  1. Tweet Clusters

#obamcare Tweet Clusters

  1. Languages

#obamacare Tweet Languages

  1. Sources

#Obama Care Web Sources

  1. Hashtags

#obamacare #hashtags

  1. Urls

#Obamacare Urls

Analytics walkthrough.

Analytics is currently in beta and available to select Pro users. If you would like to try out our Analytics module and you are an existing Pro user please email us at contact at requesting access.

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