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New Features For Pro+ Accounts

Ever since releasing Pro+ accounts last month we’ve been hard at work inventing, coding, featurising, installing, testing and forever twirling, twirling.

Why? Because even though ManageFlitter is good, nay, awesome – it can still be better.

So you may have noticed that we quietly released a couple of extra features into our Pro+ accounts.

First up is the “People Adder” under the “Follow” tab. For the past year we’ve made it super easy to unfollow people in your account. Now we’re trying to do the same for follows. The People Adder will allow you to search through peoples most recent tweets for keywords that you’re interested in.

For example, I really like The Muppets. A quick search shows that 1,364 people made 1,500 tweets about “Muppets” in the past three days.

It’s a great way to find people tweeting about what you are interested in and follow them. It works with hash-tags too.

The other update is a “Refresh” button on the “Dashboard” tab. This clears the cache and the connection between ManageFlitter and Twitter and then grabs all of the latest information again. Useful if you’ve just done a whole lot of following/unfollowing and want this reflected in ManageFlitter.

We’ve got more updates in the works. You’ll hear about them first here – or follow @manageflitter on Twitter.

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