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Multi-Account Packages Live

Earlier today we launched several new pricing plans.

New ManageFlitter Plans

Many of our users manage multiple twitter accounts and wanted to be able to use ManageFlitter to switch between accounts and manage the different accounts with ManageFlitter.

Our pricing plans now are as follows:

  • “Budgie” – $12 per month – manage 1 twitter account
  • “Parakeet” – $24 per month – manage up to 5 twitter accounts
  • “Kookaburra”  – $79 per month – manage up to 20 twitter accounts
  • “Eagle” – $189 per month – manage up to 50 twitter accounts

You can upgrade or downgrade your account as required and you will only be charged the pro-rated appropriate amount.

You can cancel your account at any stage so you won’t be charged monthly.  Once you cancel you will be able to still use your Pro account for the remainder of the time period you paid for.  The billing cycle is 30 days from when you sign-up.

Importantly please note that for all multi-account packages once you connect an account to your master account they will too be able to switch between accounts.

For example:

If company X signs up with their twitter account 1 to a “Parakeet” plan and connect their twitter accounts 2,3,4 to ManageFlitter.  The user of twitter account 2 will be able to use ManageFlitter to clean up their account but will also be able switch to the other twitter accounts linked in with their twitter account.  We will most likely create a few options around this user management as time goes by.

You also now have the option of donating your second month’s subscription to charity. 

As always please send us feedback to

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