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ManageFlitter's Influence Measure

ManageFlitter's Influence Measure featured image

ManageFlitter allows you to sort Twitter accounts by “influence”.  This can be useful when deciding who to follow or unfollow.

This influence rating of an account is based on a number of factors including:

  • The number of followers the account has.
  • The number of times the account has been placed on other peoples’ Twitter lists – (added to a Twitter list)
  • The number of tweets the account posted and how often the tweets have been re-tweeted or received a response.
  • The account’s followers and their followers.

The influence filter is available on several ManageFlitter features and can be accessed when selecting the “order” button located next to “overview”.

Below is a walkthrough video covering the influence measure:

ManageFlitter’s influence filter is available to Free, Pro and Business users.

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