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ManageFlitter upgrades – PowerPost Analytics and new Notifications System

We’re excited to announce some cool new features that we’ve been working hard on at ManageFlitter. These new changes will help you become faster and efficient while using Twitter.

PowerPost Analytics

We have added a new analytics feature to PowerPost.

There are now two options of posting URLs when scheduling a tweet:

  1. Insert a URL, leaving it as it is

  2. When the URL has been inserted, a toggle will appear notifying you that the URL can be shortened automatically with

The first release of the analytics helps you keep track of the URL’s activity. We have added a number of tabs where you can closely follow the statistics of the URL, such as:

  • Outgoing clicks

  • Languages

  • Browsers

  • Platforms

Now it is easier to know what content your users are interested in.

New notifications system

The notification system is our brand new way to expose vital information to you about your account.

When you perform actions on ManageFlitter (such as unfollowing or following), those requests take some time to be processed by Twitter. In order to keep the system fast, we don’t make you wait for these results.

The notification system allows us to send you messages about these past actions. For example, if you follow someone and they’ve blocked you from following them, we’ll send you a notification that the follow could not be processed. Alternatively if you’ve hit a limit such as the number of people you can follow in a day, we’ll send notifications for any of the users you attempted to follow beyond your allowed limit.

All notifications come with information about what caused the problem and often include links containing more information on how you can resolve the issue. Notifications give you a much better understanding about the state of your account and allow us inform you about common problems. You’ll never be left wondering why something has gone wrong again.

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