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ManageFlitter Update: Changes, Bugs & Remote Account Management

As you may be aware we have had to  change the way our batch follow/unfollow  functionality worked.

Most of our new functionality is now live for our users. ManageFlitter New Batch Select Feature

This new functionality includes a  “Remote Account Management” feature where you will be able to create a set of criteria, or a pre-selected list of accounts you wish to follow or unfollow – and an account manager at ManageFlitter will manually review and action individually as per your requirements.

We will be releasing more information about how Remote Account Management works in the next couple of weeks.

There are still a few outstanding bugs and issues on our end which we are working hard to iron out.  This includes the “Account History” feature.  The previous version of Account History wasn’t very accurate and we are working on a new improved version of this feature.

We would like to thank everyone for their feedback on the changes.  We read every single piece of feedback and it helps make the system better for everyone.

Please keep the feedback coming.  Feel free to email us at contact @ manageflitter . com – no piece of feedback is too small! Please also feel free to submit a comment below.  We try to respond to all comments.

We look forward to continue evolving ManageFlitter to make your Twitter management fun and easy.

Kevin Garber

CEO / Co-Founder

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