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ManageFlitter Pro Feature - Follow Verified Accounts that you Don't Follow Back

With the ‘verified’ follow tool available on ManageFlitter Pro, you are able to follow accounts which have been verified by Twitter.

Twitter proactively verifies accounts to confirm that high quality sources of information are coming from a legitimate source.  A verified account as defined by Twitter as “Any account with a blue verified badge on their Twitter profile”. To learn more about verified accounts click here

You are able to follow back verified accounts that follow you with ManageFlitter Pro in a few simple steps. Please follow the guide below.

Step One – Log into your ManageFlitter Pro account and navigate to the ‘Follow’ page. Select “Verified” on the left hand side.


Step Two – After clicking “Fast Select” drag and highlight the verified accounts displayed.


Step Three – Click the “Follow X Selected”.


We hope this blogpost has been useful and that you give the ‘verified’ tool a go. Our next blogpost will focus on the exciting White List feature!

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