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ManageFlitter Pro Feature - Follow Those Who You Don't Follow Back

With a ManageFlitter Pro account, you are able to unlock the powerful ‘follow tool’ which discovers all the people who follow you, that you don’t follow back.

If you are looking a growing your Twitter account – fast – then this function can be very beneficial.

Below we have outlined three easy steps to follow those who don’t follow you back with ManageFlitter.

Step One – Under the Follow page, select the ‘You Dont Follow’ option on the left hand side.


Step Two – Remember to press the ‘fast select’ option, which allows you to bulk follow.


Step Three – Drag your mouse across the followers profile pictures so they become highlighted.


Step Four – After highlighting the followers, click ‘follow selected’ on the left hand side. 


You are able to navigate to page 2 by pressing ‘next’ button. You are then able to select further followers without losing the followers you have previously highlighted.

Next week we will focus on the ManageFlitter Pro feature which allows you to follow ‘Popular’ accounts that follow you.

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