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ManageFlitter - PowerPost Feature - Schedule Your Tweets for Optimal Distribution

The PowerPost functionality will assist you in scheduling your tweets for the most appropriate time ensuring maximum engagement with your Twitter followers.

PowerPost analyses when your followers are most active on Twitter so you are able to post Tweets for maximum reach.


Today we are going to schedule a tweet in advance informing New York Twitter followers about an upcoming ManageFlitter event.

For example, if ManageFlitter were to have a “ManageFlitter users’ meet-up” in New York, we would want to send out a tweet that is optimised for when Twitter accounts in New York are most likely to be online.  

To access PowerPost, simply log into your ManageFlitter account and click on the engagement page. A drop down menu will appear displaying the PowerPost feature.

Once you’ve navigated to the PowerPost page, simply insert your tweet in the field provided.


When you are happy with your tweet content, select the button “Add more data to timeline”. As you can see, there is an option to insert additional location data to your line graph.

Today we are going to target twitter accounts based in New York City.  Once you have set your location, select “ok”.


There are now two timelines indicating a) when all your followers are on Twitter and b) the majority of Twitter accounts based in New York who are online.

Schedule your tweet based on the highest point on the x-axis. The highest point indicates the online activity of these New York Twitter accounts. As indicated in the screenshot, scheduling the tweet at 4am would allow the best chance of visibility and interaction in New York.


After you have scheduled your tweet for an appropriate time, select the button “Schedule Tweet”. You can view your pending tweets in the “Pending Tweets” tab below and have the ability to edit content and scheduled times as you please.


To review previously published tweets, select the “Sent Tweets” tab. ManageFlitter tracks and analyses the number of clicks on the links within your tweets. You have the option to drill down into this analytical data and view the number of clicks, the browsers and platforms in which the tweet was viewed, and the primary language of the user who viewed your tweet.


If you find a particular tweet to be especially popular, you also have the ability to reuse that tweet. Simply select the recycle icon and your tweet will be stored within an archive on ManageFlitter.

To access the archive, select the button “Reuse a tweet”. As you can see, all previously archived tweets have been stored accordingly.


We hope you enjoy using our PowerPost functionality.

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