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ManageFlitter Podcast - It's A Monkey - Episode 98 Is Now Live!

ManageFlitter Podcast - It's A Monkey - Episode 98 Is Now Live! featured image

The latest Episode of the ManageFlitter Podcast is now live and you can listen to it in your browser here or download an MP3 copy of it here.

In Episode 98 we discuss the latest tech news including:

We also interview John Rossman, Author of ‘The Amazon Way – 14 Leadership Principles Behind the World’s Most Disruptive Company’ and Managing Director of Alvarez & Marsal.

To subscribe to the Podcast you can copy the url into your favourite Podcast app. You can also listen to us on iTunes here.

The hosts of this Podcast are:

Interview Highlights

I think what drives Amazon is to serve new and existing customers in new ways. To reinvent many of the businesses they’re involved in largely using technology and digital approaches to help reinvent around the traditions of businesses.
I think they see themselves as explorers and inventors. They’re willing to undertake hard and really long problems to help invent and make the experience so much better. That reflects itself not only in their retail business but in the cloud business and many other businesses they’re in.

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