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ManageFlitter Podcast - It's a Monkey - Episode 106 is LIVE!

ManageFlitter Podcast - It's a Monkey - Episode 106 is LIVE! featured image

The latest Episode of the ManageFlitter Podcast is now live and you can listen to it in your browser here or download an MP3 copy of it here.

In Episode 106 we discuss the latest tech news including:

We also interview Kristen Gallagher, Founder of Edify & Host of the Up Right & Better Podcast.

Edify is a learning strategy firm that removes employee development challenges for businesses. Kristen shares her knowledge of employee development strategies, on-boarding & more.

To subscribe to the Podcast you can copy the url into your favourite Podcast app. You can also listen to us on iTunes here.

The hosts of this Podcast are:

Interview Highlights

When you throw people into the deep end, and that’s your phrase for onboarding, I like to tell people that there must not be any water in your pool – they’re going to dive into a piece of concrete. It’s the same when people say, ‘oh we’re hiring people who hit the ground running and can get started on their own’ well they’re going to run into a brick wall.
The reality is that you’ve created culture in your organisation regardless of whether or not you chose to create culture intentionally. You’ve created something that people have to integrate into and it takes time.

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