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ManageFlitter Podcast - It's a Monkey - Episode 76 Is Now Live!

ManageFlitter Podcast - It's a Monkey - Episode 76 Is Now Live! featured image

The latest Episode of the ManageFlitter Podcast is now live and you can listen to it in your browser here or download an MP3 copy of it here.

In Episode 76 we discuss the latest tech news including Atlassian’s acquisition of Trello and Apple’s VR/AR product rumours. We also interview Aki Anastasiou, Radio 702 Tech Journalist and host of Tech Busters at CNBC Africa about the recent CES trade show in Las Vegas..

To subscribe to the Podcast you can copy the url into your favourite Podcast app. You can also listen to us on iTunes here.

The hosts of this Podcast are Kevin Garber (CEO of ManageFlitter) and Kate Frappell (Design Lead at ManageFlitter).

“I had the chance to interview one of the founders and one of the 10 finalists of the X Prize – a guy called Dr. Walter DeBorough who’s got a device called the Scavado Scout and what the Savado Scout does,…
you hold this against the temple of your head for 10 seconds and in 10 seconds you will get on your phone a display of your vital stats – your heart-rate, your blood pressure, your oxygenation levels or your stress levels – all of that kind of diagnostics about your health at the tip of your fingertips on your smart phone…
so this is where health gear is going in the future …… you are going to become the CEO of your own health”.

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