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ManageFlitter Podcast - It's a Monkey - Episode 87 Is Now Live!

ManageFlitter Podcast - It's a Monkey - Episode 87 Is Now Live! featured image

The latest Episode of the ManageFlitter Podcast is now live and you can listen to it in your browser here or download an MP3 copy of it here.

In Episode 87 we discuss the latest tech news including:

  • Elon Musk launches brain-computer interface venture called Neuralink.
  • Samsung launches the Galaxy S8 – their first phone release since the exploding Galaxy Note 7’s

We also interview Margaret Heffernan, former CEO of 5 businesses, Author of ‘Willful Blindness’ and ‘A Bigger Prize’, Interviewer and TED Speaker. Some of Margaret’s most popular TED talks include: ‘Dare to Disagree’ and ‘Forget the Pecking Order at Work’ both of which have received over 2 million views to date.

We discuss:

  • How environment impacts a persons capacity to deliver at work
  • What makes a good manager and why approachability ranks higher than technical skill
  • The importance of having 4 different people involved in the hiring process
  • Margaret’s favourite interview question and what the answer reveals about a candidate
  • Why mortar matters more than bricks
  • Women in Tech – The role of sexism and the portrayal of engineering in popular culture
  • Hierarchy as a force that depletes people’s sense of accountability

To subscribe to the Podcast you can copy the url into your favourite Podcast app. You can also listen to us on iTunes here.

The hosts of this Podcast are:

Interview Highlights

Everybody thinks that they’re brilliant at hiring – the evidence is that some organisations are better than others. But I think we tend to think that it’s all up to the individuals and I think much of the body of my work argues that talent, whatever we mean by that, is contextual.
You can put people in some situations and they will flourish and do brilliant work, and put exactly the same people in a different context and they will fail. So I think the environment in which people are asked to work has a huge impact on their capacity to deliver.

The other thing that I think is a fantastic question for interviewing is “In the course of your career who has been really helpful to you?” The reason I think that’s an important question is because quite a lot of people can’t answer it.

What that means, is either they think that all their achievements are completely down to their own brilliance, or that they are so self centered that they haven’t noticed how many people around them were required for them to be successful. So what that means is these are people who aren’t very generous and aren’t very alert to others and they’re going to be toxic.

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