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ManageFlitter Podcast - It's a Monkey - Episode 79 Is Now Live!

ManageFlitter Podcast - It's a Monkey - Episode 79 Is Now Live! featured image

The latest Episode of the ManageFlitter Podcast is now live and you can listen to it in your browser here or download an MP3 copy of it here.

In Episode 79 we discuss the latest tech news including:

  • WhatsApp testing a feature that can recall and edit sent messages.
  • Development of the thinnest-ever, tattoo-like, health sensors that are capable of health monitoring with similar precision provided by much bulkier equipment.
  • Researchers have created a low-cost, wearable, wireless, hydration sensor that can detect dehydration before it poses a problem.

We also interview David Heinemeier Hansson, CTO and Co-Founder of Basecamp, creator of Ruby on Rails, best-selling author of REWORK and REMOTE and a Le Mans class-winning racing driver. Kevin talks to David about bootstrapping vs raising venture money when starting a business.

David gives his opinion on Donald Trump and the tech industry’s approach to working with Trump. He also shares useful life tips like using negative visualisation to deal with uncertainty around the future. .

To subscribe to the Podcast you can copy the url into your favourite Podcast app. You can also listen to us on iTunes here.

The hosts of this Podcast are Kevin Garber (CEO of ManageFlitter) and Kate Frappell (Design Lead at ManageFlitter).

A lot of these people end up not having a better second idea than they had the best first idea, and I am very conscious of that fact it may very well be that that basecamp was the best idea that jason and I, at least from a commercial perspective ever have …

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