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ManageFlitter Make-Over

We are really happy to have just released a refreshed version of ManageFlitter’s interface and a bundle of new features.We’ve been using the existing interface on ManageFlitter for over 2 years now. As we kept adding additional features, the site became more and more crowded. We’ve tried to take a step back with this new look and hopefully make everything a bit cleaner and intuitive.Other than a visual refresh, here’s a list of some of the improvements in this release;

New Free & Pro Features

  • Fake Following – Find out which fake (spam) accounts you follow
  • Drag to select users anywhere on the page
  • PowerPost – Now available for free users for the first time. Free accounts can schedule one posts for each 24 hour period. Pro accounts are unlimited.
  • Display Density – Change how the accounts appear on your page, reduce the information visible, or show them in a table view
  • Sort by Spam Score – Show the most & least likely spammers on each filter
  • More responsive interface – reacts even faster to your actions

New Pro Only Features

  • Fake Followers – Find out which fake accounts folllow you
  • Force Unfollow – Force people to unfollow you. Great when combined with the fake followers filter
  • Exclude people who you have recently followed – Very useful for stopping you from repeatedly following the same people
  • Tweet Anaytlics Beta – Now available for all Pro users. Monitor keyword activity on Twitter.Click here to try the UI and start using the new features.Thank you for all your support so far! We really do value all of the great people who use ManageFlitter and talk to us about it. Please continue to let us know your feedback on this release. ManageFlitter is a work in progress and your suggestions really do drive where we take the product.James Peter
    ManageFlitter Co-Founder/CTO

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