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ManageFlitter Goes Pro!

After several months of development, we’re pleased to release a big update for ManageFlitter!

There are some improvements across the board which everyone can take advantage off;

  • Faster and more reliable loading of data from Twitter
  • Faster page loads when filtering your lists
  • Accounts of all size can be processed (no 5000 following limit)
  • Many UI improvements including better page navigation, bio tabs and less distracting popup boxes.

We also wanted to add some more powerful features which would only be possible on a paid account due to their complexity. With ManageFlitter Pro we aim to make ManageFlitter the one tool you need to quickly manage every aspect of who you follow on Twitter. ManageFlitter Pro has the following features;

  • Whitelist people you don’t want to unfollow. 

Whitelisting is a powerful way to speed up the way you use ManageFlitter. By adding people who will never follow you back or you people you have permanent connections with to your whitelist you can stop these people showing on all the filters on the unfollow tab. This can greatly reduce the time it take to filter you list – particularly if you use ManageFlitter every day to monitor your followers.

  • Instant logins – no loading. 

By leveraging our powerful new architecture, we can cut out the load time for Pro accounts. We constantly monitor Pro accounts for changes on Twitter and update our records so that you will have an accurate list of users as soon as you login!

  • Pro Mode enables powerful new filtering options. 

Pro Mode is our solution to building power filters on top of all of your Twitter connections. Using Pro mode you can combine multiple filters and see the results instantly. See who is verified and following you. See who is inactive, has no bio and is not following you back. With Pro Mode you can.

-Quickly follow everyone who has recently @replied to you, or you have retweeted. 

By showing you only people who have @replied you to that you don’t follow, these filters make the task of following back people who have engaged with you dramatically faster.

  • See which of your followers you aren’t following back. 

We’ve added a whole new Follow tab which allows you filter your followers in the same way that the Unfollow tab allows you filter who you follow. Quickly navigate through your entire list of followers.

  • Unlimited daily follow and unfollows. (Standard accounts have a 1000 follow/unfollow limit). 

Need to get that instant fix of unfollowing thousands of accounts in one day – with Pro you can!

  • Track everyone who has unfollowed you and when. 

Receive detailed email reports of who has followed or unfollowed you daily, weekly or monthly. Because we’re constantly monitoring your Twitter account we can perform some very detailed tracking. Our email reports list everything you want to know about people who have followed or unfollowed you, all in single digest report!

  • Coming soon: see detailed reports of your extended social graph. Find out who all your friends are following and you aren’t. 

We’re working on a bunch of new reports like this one. Let us know if you think it’ll be useful to you.

We hope you enjoy these changes that we have made! We’re going to continue working on ManageFlitter and ManageFlitter Pro adding new features to both systems. Let us know in the comment section below which features you’d most like to see added or improved on.

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