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ManageFlitter Free and Paid Plan Changes

ManageFlitter Free and Paid Plan Changes featured image

Update: Following on from this announcement with changes to free and paid plans, we have outlined a roadmap to be implemented over the coming weeks.

Over 7 years ago at 2.36pm on the 18 February 2010 – in Sydney Australia – I first logged into a new exciting tool that the team had built – ManageFlitter (then called ManageTwitter!).

You can see a copy of my original Yammer message that I posted to the team:

ManageFlitter Free and Paid Plan Changes

ManageFlitter was developed as an internal side project to help our own team with their Twitter accounts (at the time we were a Digital Agency). ManageFlitter was released to the public in 2010 and quickly gained users.

We launched ManageFlitter paid plans in 2011 and to date have had over 3.5 million people use our product. Free plans have remained in place since 2010.

Since 2011, a lot has changed. Twitter is no longer the new kid on the block, and Twitter is now firmly established as a platform for communication, marketing and so much more.

ManageFlitter too has changed.

Our team size has grown, and we have been working diligently on a reworked version of ManageFlitter called ManageSocial.

ManageSocial has a brand new and improved user interface and will over time have an ever-improving feature set.

We are a small bootstrapped company based in Sydney Australia, and we are proud of the (small) part that we have played in helping people with their Twitter and Social Media experience.

We are now preparing for the next stage of our journey.

As part of this preparation we have been reviewing our pricing plans and options. We would like to give our users a heads-up about some changes to our plans that are on the horizon.

Pricing plans are a very tricky part of a SaaS business. On the one hand, you need to price offerings at a level that provides value to your customers, and on the other hand, pricing needs to be commercially sustainable.

Free accounts also need to be considered within the larger commercial context of the company – especially for a bootstrapped company.

As part of our review we have decided to make some changes to ManageFlitter’s Pricing Plans over the next couple of months:

1. Free ManageFlitter Accounts

Free accounts will remain in place but with reduced functionality in some areas but increased functionality in others. The changes will be rolled out progressively, and we will inform users ahead of time. Changes will include a reduction in follow/unfollow limits, daily limits on the number of searches that can be performed and so on.

Details of all these changes will be provided well before they happen.

The aim of the free accounts is to give users a sample of the value that ManageFlitter can provide.

Historically, ManageFlitter free accounts have provided substantial value to many Twitter users. We have enjoyed helping so many Twitter users over the years have easy access to a tool that improves their Twitter experience. However, free accounts in their current format have at times started to burden our systems and team in a way that affects paying users. We want to bring better alignment between free and paid users and we want to ensure that our paid users are looked after well. As a SaaS business, our paid users are our lifeblood.  For any commercial business profitability is a requirement for sustainability.

Update: Free Account Daily Limits as of November 2017

  • 20 x follows (previously 50)
  • 20 x unfollows (previously 100)
  • 20 x mutes (previously unlimited)
  • 20 x unmutes per day (previously unlimited) Unlock Bonuses
  • Following @ManageFlitter will unlock 5 x bonus unfollows. (Previously 200 x)
  • Subscribing to the ManageFlitter Newsletter will unlock 5 x bonus unfollows. (Previously 300 x)
  • Sending a Tweet about ManageFlitter will unlock 5 x bonus unfollows. (Previously 200 x)
  • Inviting up to 3 x friends who have not used ManageFlitter before will unlock 5 x bonus unfollows per new sign up. (Previously inviting up to 6 x friends who had not used ManageFlitter before unlocked 200 x bonus unfollows per new sign up)

2. ManageFlitter Paid Accounts

There will be no changes to existing paid ManageFlitter accounts at this stage. There may however be some changes to Pro accounts for new users who sign up. These changes may include some new limits to functionality and/or different pricing. Existing paid plans will remain unchanged unless a user cancels and re-subscribes to a paid plan.

Details of all these changes will be communicated well before they happen.

There will be no changes to Business Plans at this stage.

3. ManageFlitter 14 Day Business Trials

Some pre-qualified prospects have been eligible for 14 Day Business Trial accounts.

This option will remain as is.


We appreciate your understanding around these changes. We will continue to provide updates around these changes well before they happen.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below or send us an email through the ManageFlitter dashboard.

We look forward to showcasing our exciting new product in the not too distant future. You can apply to join our ManageSocial alpha testers program here.

We want to thank all of our free and paid users for the support over the last 7 years. We look forward to the next 7 and beyond.

Kevin Garber
ManageFlitter CEO & Co-founder

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