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ManageFlitter Business is LIVE!

We are excited to announce that ManageFlitter Business is now LIVE!

You can see the new pricing plans and features.

This blog post contains an overview video and some FAQs about the Business plans.

You can see an overview of some of the new features in the video below:

Answers to Business Account FAQs:

  1. I am an existing Pro user – do I have to do anything to upgrade my account? Yes.  You can leave your account unchanged in which case your account will remain as is with the features that have had previously had access to.  However if you want to access the new features you will have to upgrade your account to the new Business plan.
  2. If I upgrade to a ManageFlitter business account am I locked in to anything? No. You can always upgrade, downgrade or cancel your ManageFlitter account at any stage.
  3. I am currently on a $24 Personal Pro Plan – (previously called a Parakeet Account) – I would like only 1 of my 5 accounts on the Business Plan – is this possible and how can I do this? You would need to buy a $49 Business Account and keep your $24 Personal Pro Plan.  Or if you buy a $199 Business Plan you will be able to use 10 accounts under the the Business Account.
  4. If I am currently on a $12 Personal Pro Plan – (previously called a Budgie Account) – and I would like to upgrade to a Business Plan – how much exactly will I get charged – do I have to pay the full Business Account amount or will the $12 I have already paid get applied? If you upgrade to a Business Account your first payment will be discounted by an amount anywhere between $12 and $0 depending where you are in your billing cycle. For example if you signed up originally on the first of the month with your $12 personal plan, and you upgrade at the middle of the month, $6 will be applied as a discount to the first payment of your Business Account.
  5. I am not interested in upgrading to the new Business Accounts.  Have I lost any functionality ? What has changed for me as an existing Personal Pro user?  Whilst the user interface has changed – no features have been removed from the Cheapskate or Personal Pro plans.  You are able to use your account exactly as you previously did.  In fact we have added Tweet Keyword Analytics overview feature to the Cheapskate and Personal Pro plans.

As always we always appreciate feedback.  You can email us (contact at manageflitter dot com) or Tweet us.

Kevin Garber
Co-founder & CEO

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