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Location Optimised Tweets with PowerPost - Maximise Tweet Reach

PowerPost is one of our most popular features and is used to schedule tweets for appropriate times.

PowerPost analyses when your followers are most active on Twitter so you are able to post Tweets for maximum reach.

PowerPost can also help you schedule your tweets based on when followers in specific locations are most likely to be online.

For example if ManageFlitter were to have a “ManageFlitter users’ meet-up” in New York , we would want to send out a tweet that is optimised for when @manageflitter followers in New York are most likely to be online.

That is – we would want to try publish a tweet when not only our followers in general are most likely to be online but when our followers in New York are most likely to be online.

The following steps would help optimise the tweet appropriately:

Step One: Create your tweet.


Step Two: See when most of your followers are online.


Step Three: Click “Add more data to timeline”


Step Four: See when all New York followers are online:


Step Five: Schedule the tweet when most New York followers are online.


To access this feature, simply log into your ManageFlitter account and navigate to the “PowerPost” page.

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