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Identify & Remove Fake Twitter Accounts In 3 Simple Steps

Identify & Remove Fake Twitter Accounts In 3 Simple Steps featured image

Twitter is a real-time social network that allows you to communicate with people in 140 characters or less. Twitter gives you the ability to follow or be followed by other Twitter accounts in an asynchronous manner.

This means that if you follow a specific Twitter account they don’t necessarily need to follow you back in order for you to see their tweet stream.

Whilst most Twitter accounts have been set up and are managed by legitimate individuals or businesses, due to the open nature of Twitter it is possible for someone to set up a “fake” or “spam” Twitter account.

In fact, by some measures there are over 20 million fake accounts on Twitter!

It is even possible to pay to have a collection of fake accounts follow you to boost the perception of your popularity on Twitter. WE RECOMMEND THAT YOU NEVER DO THIS!

Fake accounts, whether they follow you, or you follow them, don’t add any value to your Twitter experience.

Fake accounts have one or many of the following characteristics:

  1. No profile picture
  2. Little to zero tweets
  3. A higher number of following over followers
  4. A replica of another legitimate Twitter account
  5. Their tweets are “spammy”, irrelevant and repetitive

Removing fake or inactive Twitter accounts will assist in optimising your Twitter user experience.

With ManageFlitter, you can identify fake and inactive Twitter accounts and either unfollow them or block them.

Below is an example of how to use ManageFlitter to identify and unfollow fake accounts that you are following.

Step One – Log into your ManageFlitter account

Step Two – Select the ‘Fake Following’ option under the ‘Unfollow’ menu


Step Three – Click the Unfollow button

There is also a feature that allows you to block fake accounts that are following you, we will cover this feature in future blog posts. Watch this space!

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