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How To Search For Keywords Within Bios of Accounts That You Follow On Twitter

How To Search For Keywords Within Bios of Accounts That You Follow On Twitter featured image

I am a heavy Twitter user. I enjoy following a variety of accounts and currently follow over 4300 people. If I want to ensure that I do not miss someone’s tweets, I add them to one of my Twitter lists.

Twitter lists are an incredibly useful way of organising the Twitter accounts that you follow into different categories. Whilst I enjoy the diverse comments and articles that are included in my general Twitter timeline, it is really useful for me to be able to hone in on certain subsets of accounts that I am following.

For example my Twitter lists “prefernottomissatweet”, “motivational” and “Start-up/Tech” contain the Twitter accounts whose tweets I try always stay on top off – all the other accounts I follow I am happy to leave it a bit up to luck and timing whether I see their tweets.

At work I make use 3 screens connected to my MacBook Air; one of these screens has Tweetdeck permanently open on this screen. Tweetdeck allows me to display my lists on one screen, in separate columns. I also dedicate columns to @replies from our various Twitter accounts.

[Pro Twitter tip:  I am always surprised at how many people haven’t heard of Tweetdeck.  Tweetdeck helps you organise your Twitter account in incredibly useful ways.  If you haven’t ever used Tweetdeck it is worth trying it.  Tweetdeck is a Twitter client owned by Twitter.  TweetDeck is available as a desktop app, a web app, or a Chrome app, and can be downloaded at  I use the desktop version.]

Image of TweetDeck

My TweetDeck is configured to display the timelines of 3 of my Twitter list as the first 3 columns and helps me stay on top of the curated group of Twitter accounts within my follow list.

However, when I’m on the go the TweetDeck + list system doesn’t work.

Yesterday on my general Twitter timeline I saw a tweet about a Podcast that seemed like it would be an interesting listen. I was walking somewhere and was about to head into a meeting. I quickly tried to make a mental note of the account that made the tweet.

By the time I got home I had of course forgotten the details of the Podcast. I did however remember that the Twitter profile that sent out the tweet had “Podcast” somewhere in their Twitter bio.

So I attempted to track down the account that made the tweet by using ManageFlitter’s “Search Your Followers & Following” feature.

I put “Podcast” in the search field and selected “People you follow”.

Using ManageFlitter's Search Your Followers & Following Feature

ManageFlitter surfaced the 47 accounts I am following that have “Podcast” in their bios.

Image of ManageFlitter's Search Your Followers & Following Feature

By rolling over the bios individually, I quickly and easily identified the account (Dr Linda Tucker) that made the tweet about the Podcast that I was after.  Since I had already made a mental note of the account and Podcast at the time my memory easily remembered which account it was once I actually saw the account!

Results of ManageFlitter's Search Your Followers & Following Feature

This took a total of about 3 minutes and was extremely useful.

Please note that you can also use ManageFlitter’s PowerMode feature to a similar search similar to the one above.

Have you ever needed to search the bios of the people you are following or who are following you?
I would be interested to hear your experience with the ManageFlitter “Search Your Followers & Following” feature.

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