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How does the new Twitter API limits affect you?

ManageFlitter uses Twitter API to get the details of your account including who you follow and who follows you.

Twitter’s API is “rate limited” which means we can pull a limited amount of data out of it in a given period of time.

The limits are per-user and per-application which means the usage of other ManageFlitter users or your usage of other Twitter applications do not affect your loading time.

How does rate limiting affect the loading time for your account?

ManageFlitter syncs with your Twitter account in 3 steps (2 for free accounts):


1) First we get a list of all accounts that you are following

During a 15 minutes time-window we can ask Twitter 15 times, and each time Twitter gives us up to 5,000 of the accounts that you are following.

So if you are following more than 15 x 5,000 = 75,000 accounts we will have to wait 15 minutes for the rate limit to reset, and then we can ask for another 75,000 people.

2) Then get a list of all accounts that are following you

This step is only for Pro members

This is exactly like the previous step except that it is related to the number of accounts that are following you.
We can get a list of up to 75,000 accounts that are following you every 15 minutes.

3) Finally get the details of all those accounts

Now that we have the list of all those accounts, we need to get their details from Twitter.

For this step, during a time-window of 15 minutes, we can ask Twitter 180 times, and each time, we can get the details of up to 100 accounts.

That is 180 x 100 = 18,000 accounts per 15 minutes.

If your followers and followings add up to more than 180,000 then we will have to wait for the rate limit to reset and then we can get the details of the remaining accounts.

It is worth noting that ManageFlitter keeps – or caches – the details of many millions of accounts (for short periods of time) so in reality we will likely need to get less data from Twitter than the theoretical amount.

In other words, before we ask Twitter for the details, we look to see if we have recently asked for the details of the same user, and if we have, we’ll just use that information instead of asking for it again.

This can greatly reduce the waiting time and helps you in avoiding the rate limit.


  • The loading process happens entirely on ManageFlitter’s servers. So you can leave or turn-off your computer and come back when it has finished

  • You can view the loading progress by clicking on the top loading bar (only for Pro members)


  • If you have hit the rate limit, we’ll tell you when it will reset and be ready for another round of loading

  • We can notify you with a direct message when the loading is finished


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