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How To Avoid Twitter Suspension

How To Avoid Twitter Suspension featured image

Twitter’s rules, limits and regulations can at times be a little vague and confusing. These limits are put in place to stop people, businesses or automated programmes from abusing the Twitter network.  These rules are vague by design in order to prevent reverse engineering by parties who want to abuse the Twitter network.

Whilst these rules have been put in place by Twitter to prevent genuine abuse of their system, legitimate Twitter users can sometimes inadvertedly fall foul of these Twitter rules.

Having an understanding of some of these Twitter rules can help prevent your account getting suspended by Twitter.

Below we have listed 3 guidelines to help prevent your Twitter account from getting suspended by Twitter.  Please note that these guidelines apply regardless of whether you are using ManageFlitter to manage your Twitter account.

  1. We recommend that you follow less than 100 people per day, particularly when you have less than 2 000 followers and / or your Twitter account is a new account.

  2. Larger (and older) accounts often find that they can follow more people without a problem, however Twitter has a hard limit of 1 000 follows per day. Once you follow 1 000 people in a day, no matter how large your account is, additional follows in the same 24 hours period will be rejected by Twitter.

  3. There is no limit on unfollowing, Twitter does not ban people for performing large number of unfollows in a day.

The only caveat to that is that we recommend you do not unfollow then refollow the same people repeatedly as Twitter considers this to be aggressive activity and may result in your account being banned.

The ManageFlitter system communicates the above guidelines to our users where relevant and notifies users when they are about to hit up against any of the above limits.

If you follow the above guidelines your Twitter account you should not face any Twitter account suspension issues. Please do however be aware that Twitter change their rules and limits regularly and Twitter do not make all of their rules and limits known (for reasons stated above).  We therefore encourage you to remain will within Twitter’s guidelines of acceptable activity at all times to prevent any issues with your Twitter account.

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