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Google+ Dead at Age 1?

Google+ was launched on June 28th 2011. It will be one year old in just a few days.

Last September we released some data about Google+. Our data at the time indicated that there seemed to be negative growth in the number of daily public posts per user on Google+.

We decided to revisit this data.

Average Public Posts Per User - Google+

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The results are still the same: a very low average public post per day and more importantly negative growth in public posts per day since our blog post in September 2011. 1 year later Google+ public posts per account are down 74%.

Based on this metric – average public posts per user account – Google+ seems well and truly dead as a social media destination, or at least going nowhere fast.

This data does not count private Google+ posts (nor does it count posts which users selectively choose not to share with their Twitter followers through our service).  However, we would expect public posts to be representative of private posts. If people are posting more privately on Google+ we would expect to see more of the occasional public post as well.

Comparative Analysis – Google+ VS Twitter

Twitter vs Google+ Average Posts Per Day

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As you can see above Twitter has experienced almost constant growth in average tweets per day since it started whereas Google+ has been experiencing an almost constant declining growth in its public posts.

Google argues that Google+ is both a “social spine” that connects their products together and a “social destination site” and thus Google argue Google+ differs from both Facebook and Twitter – implying that metrics such as the above tell only part of the story.

Monthly Active Users - Twitter vs Google+

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A core strategy behind Google+ seems to be to soak up relevant demographic data on Google users. Thus the number of active users and account would be of just as much interest to them as the posts per day in the previous graph.

Since the start of the year Google by default creates a Google+ account for all of its services which has no doubt helped in its account number growth.

So indeed as a “social destination site” Google+ may be well and truly dead but as the “social spine” Google+ may already be a success in the eyes of Google – especially as it relates to the all important demographic data that they are receiving that they can use to better target ads.

Our Data Sources

  1. Google+ data:
    Post data: Sourced from 19442 ManageFlitter users who integrate their Google+ accounts with their Twitter account using ManageFlitter
    Account data:
  2. Twitter post and account data:

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