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Unfollow Twitter Accounts Who Have Never Tweeted with ManageFlitter's Quiet Filter.

Tired of following silent Twitter accounts? ManageFlitter has an easy solution.

ManageFlitter’s advanced filtering and unfollow tools allows you to discover Twitter accounts that you follow who have never Tweeted before.

Simply follow the steps outlined below to discover ManageFlitter’s advanced filtering tools.

Step One: Log in to you ManageFlitter free account.

If you are new to ManageFlitter – simply click the “Sign in” button located on the top right hand corner. We will only ask for your Twitter account login details to use our application – easy!


Step Two: Click on the “Unfollow” page ( ) and select the Quiet filter.


Step Three: Click the button labelled “Order”. Here you will find a filter called “Tweets” which orders the results by the amount of Tweets the user has made.


Step Four: Remember to have the small arrow pointing upwards – this will numerically order the results from those accounts who have never Tweeted – to those who have Tweeted the most.


Step Five: You are able to see if your search results contain users who have not tweeted on the right hand side.


Step Six: To remove the accounts on your search results, simply check the box on the left hand side which will highlight red.


Step Seven: When your selection is complete, simply click the Unfollow “X” selected button located on the right of your screen.


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