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Discover Relevant People to Follow on Twitter with ManageFlitter's Account Search

Account Search is a powerful ManageFlitter feature which enables you to discover relevant people to follow on Twitter.

ManageFlitter has one of the largest databases of Twitter user information. You can search through details of over 80million Twitter accounts within seconds!

The Search feature is available to both free and Pro ManageFlitter users. 

Free ManageFlitter users are limited to following up to 50 users when searching for accounts. Pro users have no ManageFlitter restrictions however we advise all users to following within Twitters guidelines and limitations.

We recommend that our users never follow more than 100 people a day, but don’t worry – ManageFlitter will warn you before you go over this limit.

You can search on a range of criteria and get instant results.

For example someone may wish to follow people who have “editor” in their profile and are based in “New York”. This is easily achieved in 3 easy steps.

1. Enter relevant search criteria into the Account Search fields.


2. Sort the results as desired.


3. Use fast-follow to follow the relevant accounts.


To start using the Account Search Feature, click the following link:

Not a ManageFlitter Pro user? Check out all the additional features!

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