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Detroit .... 1st

Early today we launched our new pricing packages which can be seen at:

We always get excited when we launch something new and someone buys it for the first time.

Very soon (5 minutes or so) after we launched our new plans we had a purchase of the $24 Pro “Parakeet” account.

We thought we would find out more about this purchaser and chatted to her by live chat and asked her a few questions.

Twitter account:

Pat Williams

How long have you been on twitter?
Joined Mon Mar 13 2008

Where in the world are you?
I live in a suburb of Detroit.

How many twitter accounts do you manage?

When did you last cry?
Seriously? A few months ago.  I have teenage boys, sometimes they make me cry. But mostly they are awesome which is whey when they are not I cry easily.

What do you think of the #occupy movement?
I think if they stay with the roots of the movement and not allow others to take it over for their own political agenda, it is admirable.

How did you discover ManageFlitter?
I don’t remember – I suspect someone tweeted about it, I saved it in my favorites and just came to explore it today.

What do you love most about twitter?
I love meeting and talking with people, and twitter allows me to come in contact with so many others I never would have met.  When I moved to this area I didn’t know anyone… now I have many MANY amazing friends I’ve also met in person.

Have you ever been to Australia?
I wish.  It’s in “the plan”! I’m originally from Canada, there was never a summer that went by that I didn’t meet a traveling Australian.

What is your New Year’s resolution?
I don’t make new year’s resolutions, I create goals.

As the first purchaser of one of our new packages Pat also gets herself a ManageFlitter gift pack consisting of a limited edition mug and stickers.

Thanks for choosing ManageFlitter Pat 🙂

ManageFlitter Gift Pack

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