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Current issues with ManageFlitter

A small subset of ManageFlitter users are currently experiencing issues with logging in and general time-out issues when connecting ManageFlitter to your Twitter account. We are aware of this problem and have been working around the clock on a solution. The sheer volume of people using the system is affecting its usability. We are doing our best to scale up and fix these issues. In the past week we have added 8 new front end servers and improved the throughput on our request queue (unfollows being sent to Twitter) by 10x. We are now re-writing various parts of the MF structure to get everything under control and put in redundancy for future scaling problems. Of course the process of doing this while not affecting our current users too much is a delicate operation. Kind of like doing work on four lanes of a six-lane freeway; there’s going to be traffic affected. Please bear with us while we work towards a solution. Not every account will be trouble-free, but the majority of you should not notice too much slow-down. For our users that are affected – we sincerely apologise and anticipate having everything running very fast again within the next 7 days.

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