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Changes to ManageFlitter - Removal of Follow/Unfollow Functionality

Changes to ManageFlitter - Removal of Follow/Unfollow Functionality featured image

In January 2019, Twitter reached out to ManageFlitter and similar products, and communicated that "in application" following/unfollowing and related search features would no longer be permitted by Twitter. This relates to all third party Social Media management products.

As per Twitter’s request, we removed the ManageFlitter Follow and Unfollow features, as well as  the ManageFlitter Power Mode and Remote Account Management (RAM) features.

To clarify, our updated ManageFlitter list of Twitter account management related features is as follows: :

  • Identify inactive Twitter accounts that you follow with an option to mute them
  • Identify fake Twitter Followers
  • Block fake Followers
  • View all accounts that you Follow, with the option to selectively mute
  • Manage Muted Twitter accounts
  • Account Search
  • Tweet Search
  • Search Your Account

All following and unfollowing now needs to take place on Twitter directly.

Features that are not related to follow/unfollows and search, such as PowerPost scheduling, remain as is.

Please see a walkthrough of our updated product below.

Please feel free to send feedback about these changes to Twitter regarding at:

Twitter does seem to take notice when Twitter users make themselves heard.

Please keep an eye on our Twitter account @ManageFlitter for updates regarding ManageFlitter.

Thank you for your understanding.

Team ManageFlitter

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