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Changes to the Free Version of ManageFlitter

For the last year we have had 2 flavours of ManageFlitter:  the free version of ManageFlitter and the Pro version.

Over the next couple of weeks we will be making some changes to the free version – the Pro version will stay exactly as is.

Don’t worry – you will still be able to use the free version as usual but with a “bonus system” in place.

We will be rolling out a “bonus” system whereby you have the option of sharing the ManageFlitter love and increasing the number of people you can unfollow per day and/or gain access to some features.

Currently all free users have access to a limited feature set and can only unfollow up to 1000 people a day.  With the bonus system free users will start off with a limited feature set and only be able to unfollow 100 people a day.

However free users will be able to get their daily unfollow limit up to 2000 people per day on the free account by sharing some ManageFlitter love.  This is double the current limit on the free account.

Free users will have the following options to increase their daily unfollow limit and/or gain access to features:

  • Follow the @manageflitter Twitter account
  • Tweet about ManageFlitter
  • Sign-up for the ManageFlitter newsletter
  • Invite your friends to try ManageFlitter

We have put this bonus system in place to give some of our power users some easy options to get more out of their ManageFlitter account even if they don’t want to go Pro.Nothing will change to the Pro accounts and by going Pro users can unfollow an unlimited amount of followers per day and gain access to the full feature set.

As always we appreciate feedback.  Feel free to tweet us, leave comments below or email us at contact at manageflitter dot com.

… and some bonus breaking news: we will be releasing PowerPost and Tweet Analytics to all Pro users within the next 2 weeks! Stay posted.


Co-Founder 89n


Update: Thursday 12 April 2012

We have decided that existing non-Pro free ManageFlitter users will still have access to the 1000 per day unfollow limit.  New non-Pro free ManageFlitter users will however starwith 100 unfollows per day with the ability to build up to 2000.


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