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Bulk import, schedule and manage Tweets with ManageFlitter's Bulk Import Feature

ManageFlitter’s PowerPost Bulk Import feature is available to users who are on Business subscriptions only. To sign up for a Business plan – click here.

PowerPost Bulk Importallows you to easily import, schedule and manage a large number of Tweets via the PowerPost feature.

You can import tweets by directly copying and pasting or uploading a text or CSV file.

The 5 steps below outline how to upload your tweets in bulk via the copy and paste function.

1) Navigate to the PowerPost Bulk Import page


2) Select the option ‘Let me copy/paste my tweets here’


3) Specify the format of your tweets:


4) Copy and Paste your tweet content into the text field.


5) Select the ‘Import’ button. The time of the tweets have been scheduled accordingly.


Remember to use the correct punctuation to segment the content from the scheduled time.

For example:

  • A typical format would be: “Insert Copy Here”,MM/DD/YYYY,HH:MM
  • A real world example could be that you would like to tweet ‘I love ManageFlitter’s new bulk upload feature’ on Monday, 10th June 2013 at 9am.
  • The format would then be:
    “I love ManageFlitter’s new bulk upload feature”,06/10/2013,09:00

Stayed tuned to see our next, “Bulk tweet uploads via a CSV file” blog post.

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