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Bulk Engage Feature : Reaching The Right People on Twitter Quickly and Easily

Bulk Engage Feature : Reaching The Right People on Twitter Quickly and Easily featured image

Editor’s note: Evan Dunn is a Content & Social Strategist at Transform, WA. He can be found on Twitter and LinkedIn.

UPDATE OCTOBER 2017: Please note that we have removed this feature as per Twitter’s request.  You can find out more here.

The power of content marketing is unlocked when the right content reaches the right people. The ability to quickly distribute content to the right audience is a powerful strategy.

If you manage a blog, you want to ensure the content reaches the people most likely to read it. If you have an ebook or content product, you want to get it in front of influential people who might share it. If you have a crowdfunding campaign, a press release, or even an actual product to sell, you want the relevant content to reach media contacts and bloggers direct.

ManageFlitter’s “Bulk Engage” feature now makes this possible.

What is Bulk Engage?

Bulk Engage is a new ManageFlitter feature that allows you to automatically schedule delivery of a Tweet (or set of Tweets) to multiple search results.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Find Users using one of ManageFlitter’s filter or search features – Unfollow, Follow, Power Mode, Account Search, or Tweet Search.
  2. Select Users you want to engage with.
  3. Click “Bulk Engage” on the bottom right, above “Never Unfollow” Screenshot1
  4. Compose Your Tweet. ManageFlitter will automatically add the username of the person you’re Tweeting to at the beginning of the Tweet. You can alternate Tweets so that you are not sending the same Tweet out to each user. Screenshot2
  5. Set the rate limit. The current limits are 10 Tweets per day to 100 total users, meaning that tweets would deliver to those users over the course of 10 days. My example is only to 4 users, so I could send to all of them in 1 day or spread out the delivery over 4 days.

Once the posts are scheduled, you can view or edit them in PowerPost.


Why is Bulk Engage SO amazing?

The real value of Bulk Engage lies in the what you can accomplish with it. Twitter remains one of the best networks for organic marketing campaigns because of its openness (lack of privacy settings) and interactive culture.

Not only can you contact people directly and easily, but they are also very responsive.

For example, with an email marketing campaign , you would be lucky to get 10-20% of the recipients to open the email. Then you’d be even luckier to get 2-5% of the recipients to click on a link inside the email. This is partly because people are somewhat tired of email – especially spam.

But when you Tweet to someone on Twitter, it’s about 50/50 that they’ll click, favorite, Retweet, or reply to your Tweet. If you optimize your Tweets to get clicks (as Hubspot’s Dan Zarella recommends), you could significantly increase your changes of getting traffic.

For another example: you’ve created an ebook and want to get industry professionals to download it. You could use Google Adwords, or Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter ads, but you’ll be paying at least $1 per click if you target well. These are still valuable avenues, but why not also subscribe to ManageFlitter for a flat monthly fee and do the work yourself?

If you spend a couple hours running searches and setting up Tweets to a few hundred users to run over the next week, you could generate 194 clicks in 5 days for your crowdfunding campaign, like I did:

Generate 194 clicks in 5 days

So Many Ways To Bulk Engage

There are dozens of ways you could use Bulk Engage, but below are some big ones. Definitely leave a comment if you think I have left any use cases out.

  1. Get Influencers To Look At Your Content. If you have blogs, whitepapers, videos, podcasts, or ebooks that are industry-specific, pull up a list of influential users in that industry using ManageFlitter’s Power Mode or Account Search. Then schedule out a Tweet inviting them to view the content: Hey your bio indicated you’d be interested in our new report: < LINK >

“TITLE” Cheers!
2. Generate Awareness of a Campaign. The single most effective method for bootstrapping crowdfunding campaigns (e.g. Kickstarter) can be facilitated with Bulk Engage. Find people who would love your product or goal, or blog about it, and Tweet to them with a link, asking for Retweets. It works. I have personally raised over $80,000 for 5 difference crowdfunding campaigns using this strategy. Tweet example: Thought you’d be interested – Please RT? < INSERT LINK >

3. Distribute Pitches and Press Releases to Media Contacts, Reporters, Bloggers, and Editors. According to Vocus’ newly released State of the Media Report 2014, 55% of media contacts value pitches that come through social media. Most of those prefer Twitter, followed by Facebook, as their primary social network to receive pitches. However, most media contacts would rather receive pitches via email than social media, so ask for their contact email and mention your topic, then email them your pitch. Example: Could I get your email so I can send info re: TOPIC? Or here’s the press release: < INSERT LINK >

4. Invite People to Connect on Other Social Networks, Especially Google+. More connections all around your social networks will always be valuable. But if you ask random people to add you on LinkedIn, some might be annoyed. Because of this, and because Google+ has clear SEO benefits, I recommend sending people requests to add you on Google+. Example: Hey fellow INDUSTRY pro! Let’s connect on Google+: < LINK TO YOUR PROFILE >

Important Things To Know About Using Bulk Engage

First, make sure your content fits the timing of Tweet delivery through Bulk Engage. For example, if you choose to send 10 Tweets per day to 100 users, make sure that the last of the Tweets (10 days from now) are still relevant.

Second, be nonspecific to the recipient(s). If you mention an industry, name, or any other identity, make sure it’s equally applicable to all of the recipients.

Third, don’t be annoying. Make sure you anticipate any weirdness people might feel about receiving your Tweet. Saying things like “I checked out your bio and thought you’d like this” indicate more forethought than “Hey check this out!” We all hate getting those Tweets …especially from musicians: “Check out my sweet new album bro!” …NO.

Some people object to this strategy as spam, but is it really spam? Spam is “irrelevant or inappropriate messages sent on the Internet to a large number of recipients.” If you’re using Bulk Engage effectively, it’s not spam – it’s valuable.

If you target users accurately, and provide content that interests them, you make Twitter a better place to be.

Below is a video walkthrough of the Bulk Engage feature.

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