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Current issues with ManageFlitter

A small subset of ManageFlitter users are currently experiencing issues with logging in and general time-out issues when connecting ManageFlitter to your Twitter account. We are aware of this problem and have been working around the clock on a solution. The sheer volume of people using the system is affecting

Tweet on your behalf clarification

Hi everyone! A couple of days ago, Twitter changed the look of the page that appears when you allow an app to connect to your Twitter account – the authentication page. This has raised a few questions for people as it now explicitly states: Now obviously we don’t update your

Who helped Dain?!

Firstly a BIG thank you to everyone who entered the “Help Dain” competition we ran recently. We had hundreds of entries and Dain actually shed a tear from the response – believing that you all cared about him (we didn’t shatter his bubble by telling him that you were all

New Features For Pro+ Accounts

Ever since releasing Pro+ accounts last month we’ve been hard at work inventing, coding, featurising, installing, testing and forever twirling, twirling. Why? Because even though ManageFlitter is good, nay, awesome – it can still be better. So you may have noticed that we quietly released a couple of extra features
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