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How To Avoid Twitter Suspension

How To Avoid Twitter Suspension featured image
Twitter’s rules, limits and regulations can at times be a little vague and confusing. These limits are put in place to stop people, businesses or automated programmes from abusing the Twitter network.  These rules are vague by design in order to prevent reverse engineering by parties who want to

Welcome to the new ManageFlitter Blog

The ManageFlitter blog has moved to Along with the updated URL, we’ve refreshed the design and more closely integrated this blog with the rest of the ManageFlitter site. We’re going to continue to post interesting articles, ManageFlitter walkthroughs and of course ManageFlitter news!

ManageFlitter Make-Over

We are really happy to have just released a refreshed version of ManageFlitter’s interface and a bundle of new features.We’ve been using the existing interface on ManageFlitter for over 2 years now. As we kept adding additional features, the site became more and more crowded. We’ve

ManageFlitter Performance Upgrades

Making your account load quickly is a top priority for us here at ManageFlitter. No one likes to wait! 18,000 unique accounts login to ManageFlitter every single day. That’s an average of 1 login every 5 seconds (with many more at peak times). As we process data on

Are Google Getting Social Wrong … Again?

Google+ is increasingly being pushed front and center in Google’s redesign.There’s no doubt now that Google is betting on taking a big chunk of the social market. Google have tried to crack social with limited success – there are various theories why they haven’t had success to
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