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How To See Who You Have Blocked on Twitter

How To See Who You Have Blocked on Twitter featured image
ManageFlitter NEW PRO FEATURE! Sometimes it is necessary to block another Twitter user. Harassment by another Twitter user, or SPAM/bot/fake accounts following you may all be best dealt with by blocking. According to information on Twitter’s website blocked users cannot; Add your Twitter account to their lists.

Unfollow Inactive Twitter Accounts In 3 Easy Steps

Unfollow Inactive Twitter Accounts In 3 Easy Steps featured image
A recent study revealed that up to 40% of users on Twitter are inactive. ManageFlitter’s inactive filter allows you to detect and unfollow inactive Twitter accounts that you are following. Unfollowing inactive accounts on Twitter is important for the following reasons: Inactive accounts do not engage in conversations on

ManageFlitter's Influence Measure

ManageFlitter's Influence Measure featured image
ManageFlitter allows you to sort Twitter accounts by “influence”.  This can be useful when deciding who to follow or unfollow. This influence rating of an account is based on a number of factors including: The number of followers the account has. The number of times the account has been placed

Understand the Long Term Trends Of Your Viral Activity with ManageFlitter's Tweet Analytics Feature.

Check out ManageFlitters Tweet Analytics feature now!  ManageFlitter’s Tweet Analytics feature is available to Pro and Business accounts only. Tweet Analytics allows you to track tweet keywords over time and view individual tweets during volume spikes. Today we are going to track the keyword “ManageFlitter” and view a breakdown
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