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And the Winners of the #takemetoaustralia #2million Competition are ...

We’re very excited to announce the winners of our #takemetoaustralia #2million competition.  We received over 1500 entries! Listed below are the winners ordered from 1st to 4th place.  

Our 2 millionth user had 8726 followers … so …

The 1st place winner is.. (drum roll please)
Jon Thorsen @ReverseWineSnob ! Jon has won a return ticket to come visit the crazy ManageFlitter team in Australia!

#manageflitter #2million my guess is 8719 followers #takemetoaustralia
— Jon Thorsen (@ReverseWineSnob) November 7, 2013

2nd place (ManageFlitter Business 10 account) goes to …

#manageflitter #2million my guess is [8.533] followers #takemetoaustralia
— Tammy Lynn Hatfield (@PreciousMetal13) November 8, 2013

3rd place (ManageFlitter Pro 5 account) goes to …

#manageflitter #2million my guess is 9000 followers #takemetoaustralia
— (@JulianBeatsCom) November 7, 2013

4th place (ManageFlitter Pro 1 account) goes to …</span

#manageflitter #2million my guess is [9,000] followers #takemetoaustralia
— King Dopamine (@YoungKingThomas) November 8, 2013

Thanks again to everyone who entered – we really do wish we could bring more of you to visit us in Australia!

Make sure you keep an eye on our Twitter account @ManageFlitter for future competitions.

And oh, if you haven’t seen it yet – see our (rather embarassing) promotional video celebrating Sydney and #2million below:

Thanks to everyone who entered and congratulations to our winners! On to the next 2 million!

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