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And the Winners of ManageFlitter's "Next 1.5 Million User's Competition" go to...

To celebrate reaching 1.5 million ManageFlitter users we ran a competition in our April newsletter (remember to make sure you subscribe to our newsletter via the ManageFlitter dashboard ).

We reached out to you for ideas to help us find ways to get discovered by 1.5 million Twitter users who have not yet heard of ManageFlitter.

We offered the best ideas a free Pro account or Pro account upgrade.

Thank you to everyone for their participation – the response was overhwhelming! Our team were impressed with the creativity of the entries.

Below are the top 10 tweets as chosen by the ManageFlitter team.

Congratulations to the winners! If you are a winner your account will be upgraded to a Pro plan for the next 12 months. If you are currently on a ManageFlitter Pro plan you will be upgraded to the next level plan for free for the next 12months.

ManageFlitter could use Justin Biebers ever shrinking realestate #tattoo haha #manageflitter…
— Chris Guirguis Music (@guirguischris) April 29, 2013

Drops millions of leaflets from a plane and let ManageFlitter flutter to the masses :o) #manageflitter
— Gary @FivewayFilms (@FivewayFilms) May 1, 2013

Develop interactive web game that highlights features & results in enrollment for free subscription! #manageflitter
— Jennifer O’Neill (@jennifer626) April 29, 2013

Henna tattoos on all 6-pack abs that read “ManageFlitter is rock solid :)” #manageflitter
— Ѧη†onio De Lu¢a (@LoyalAntonio) April 29, 2013

What about a classic such as your logo in a cornfield? Google Earth’s updating its pictures these days #manageflitter
— Dani A/V (@ddr_esp) April 29, 2013

Write social media gurus wanted on Big Ben in London #manageflitter
— sarahnewton (@sarahnewton) April 29, 2013

ManageFlitter should run for president. #manageflitter
— Kevin Parrett (@FrankyOConnell) April 29, 2013

distribution of #manageflitter wrist bands at substations
— Hasley .A. Winn (@iamdgenius) April 29, 2013

Start a weekly twitter chat and use the hashtag #flitterchat to grow your users #manageflitter
— Jason Ramsey (@Jason__Ramsey) April 29, 2013

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