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5 Things You Didn't Know You Could Do With ManageFlitter

5 Things You Didn't Know You Could Do With ManageFlitter featured image

Below are 5 useful ManageFlitter features that you may not be familiar with.


Schedule your tweets for maximum visibility

Image of ManageFlitters PowerPost Feature

PowerPost helps you publish content at specific times for optimal engagement.

ManageFlitter analyses when your followers are online and displays the data in an easy to read graph. ManageFlitter users can then schedule posts for times when their content is more likely to be seen.

PowerPost also tracks all previously scheduled tweets and provides you with detailed analytics. An inbuilt link shortener and media attachment tool are also included.

(Available on Pro and Business Plans only)


Manage your @replies like your Gmail inbox

Image of ManageFlitters @Inbox Feature

@Inbox allows you to manage a high volume of @replies.

By filtering @replies by influence, you can easily find and respond to the most important tweets. Like Gmail, you can also mark messages as Read, Unread or Spam.

In addition to this, ManageFlitter conveniently includes all Twitter accounts contributing to a conversation thread within your @reply.


Search through over 300 million Twitter accounts in seconds

Image of ManageFlitters Account Search Feature

ManageFlitter’s Account Search feature helps you find relevant accounts on Twitter.

You can search for Twitter accounts based on occupation, location, name, or latest tweet. This helps you to accurately target the most appropriate accounts to follow and therefore improve your odds of reciprocal follows.


Search for tweets with specific keywords.

Image of ManageFlitters Tweet Search Feature

Tweet Search allows you to find people who are tweeting about a specific event or subject.

Simply enter a keyword and/or location to sort through the most recent 1500 tweets (or 7 days worth, whichever is smaller).

If you order the results by number of followers or influence, you can quickly find the most influential users who are tweeting about your keyword.


Discover high quality content to share on Twitter

Image of ManageFlitters Suggested Content Feature

The Suggested Content Feature allows you to easily find high quality content to share on Twitter.

Content is broken down by category so that you can easily find the most relevant content for your account. You can tweet this content immediately or place it into a queue to be tweeted out later.

(Available on Business Plans and higher only)

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