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10,000 users & 550,000 unfollows

550,000 Unfollowed Twitter Accounts Thanks to ManageFlitter

Wow, it’s been a crazy 20 hours. After a surprising (and nice!) review on TechCrunch traffic flew through the roof. We’ve gone from just under 400 users to over 10,000 and from just under 20,000 unfollows to over 500,000.

We’re really glad people like the app. We’ve had it in the planning stages for several months. Everyone we mentioned it to who was an active Twitter user said they needed something that did what we do – make unfollowing people easy, and make the best tool for unfollowing twitter accounts available (among other things). We went through quite a few iterations of the interface before settling on one that was both straightforward and fast to use.

Thanks to everyone who’s tweeted and posted about how much they enjoy using the app. We’ve already pushed out a few updates including a Dashboard and improvements to the backup to handle the increased load. Please keep us sending us suggestions and we’ll see what we can do.

James Peter
Senior Developer
Melon Media

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